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Choosing The Right Solar Training in NJ  301-806-2271

There are literally hundreds of Solar training companies for you to choose from. Why should you choose Solar Training Today(STT) above the rest? Here are some critical characteristics that STT provides to assure success and remove your risk. You can use these important criteria to evaluate any career training solution provider. We’re confident that you’ll find no one else delivers such assurance of consistently excellent, cost-effective, and convenient training – every time.

What Makes Our Solar Training NJ Course Unique?

Solar Training Today’s 300 hour solar training in NJ provides a solid education in the skills and knowledge necessary for this emerging area of technology.  Students who complete our solar panel installer training have the requisite skills to obtain an entry level job in this fast-growing field.  Solar Technician certification is also available to our graduates who qualify to sit for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) exam.  We are currently offering a 10 day fast track solar training course. Our fast track course offers training in the Design and Installation of PV Panels.

Why Get Started with Solar Training NJ Today?

With the increased awareness of the green revolution, solar energy is a fast growing field and is in high demand.  With the increase in incentives growing even in the state of New Jersey now is the time to increase your knowledge of this renewable energy.  STT knows that with their Solar Course you will be prepared for an exciting career in the Solar Field.  There is a remarkable growth and solid starting salaries when it comes to the green industry and you can take advantage of it today! Give STT a call to learn more about our course and get started  with STT’s Solar Training NJ Course  301-806-2271.

  • Physically learn to design and install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Train with cutting-edge solar modules and equipment in STT’s state-of-the-art solar field lab, the most comprehensive solar lab in New Jersey!
    America’s fastest-growing industry has new solar career opportunities for:
    Electricians Solar PV installers Solar inspectors Our courses prepare you for NABCEP’s ”gold standard” solar certifications: Entry-Level, Solar PV Technical Sales, Solar PV Installer, and Alternative Installation